OL Certificate Download 2022

OL Certificate Download

Request Examination Certificates online

OL Certificate Download

Applying for certificates of G.C.E. (O.L) and G.C.E. (A.L) Examinations conducted by the Department of Examinations in or before the year 2000.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic prevailing at present, one-day service of the Department of Examinations has been temporarily stopped and therefore the following measures have been taken to issue certificates.

How to Download OL Certificate Online

  1. The certificates of G.C.E. (O.L) and G.C.E. (A.L) examinations conducted in the year 2001 and afterwards should be applied online by visiting https://certificate.doenets.lk/ > “Request Certificates”.
  2. Follow the procedures given below to apply for the certificates of G.C.E. (O.L) and G.C.E. (A.L) examinations conducted in or before the year 2000.
      1. Download the relevant application through the following link of the website of the Department of Examinations.
        Sinhala/ English application: Download PDF
        Tamil application: Download PDF
    1. Print the application and complete it correctly. (Specially your postal address) N.B. – Please note that your certificate is issued in the name you appeared for the examination.
    2. Credit the amount of money relevant to the type and the number of copies (maximum number of copies is 3) to the following account number of the Bank of Ceylon given below and obtain the customer copy of the receipt or a screenshot (only for online payment).
      Type of the certificate One copy Two copies Three copies
      For local use Rs.700 (including postage) Rs.1000 (including postage) Rs.1300 (including postage)
      For Foreign use (to be collected from the Foreign Ministry) Rs.600 (only one copy can be obtained)
      Australian Visa Rs.700 (including postage) Rs.1000 (including postage) Rs.1300 (including postage)
      Green card Rs.600 (only one copy can be obtained)
      Foreign Country (to be posted by Registered Air Mail) Rs.900 (including postage Rs. 300)

      Account number of the BOC  :  7041228
      Name of the Account  :  Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka
      Branch  :  Battaramulla

    3. Email the following documents to the email address doecertificates@gmail.com
      • Duly filled applications
      • Copy of the receipt of payment / screenshot
        Clear photograph/ scanned copy of the National Identity Card/ valid Driving
        License/ valid Passport
        Sending a Passport copy is compulsory for Australian Visa certificates
    4. Type only “Exam Certificates” and enter the applying date and telephone number as the title of the email message.
      • Certificates applied for Local use are dispatched by ‘Speed Post’ service of the Department of Posts to the address specified in the application within three days and the certificates applied for foreign use are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
      • All the information and certificate Reference numbers are sent as a reply message to your email address.
      • If you are applying for a Green Card certificate, the certificate Reference number in the reply message sent by us has to be produced to the US Embassy. The certificate is collected from the Department by a representative of the Embassy.
      • Certificates could be issued under the above procedure only if the applicant has provided relevant information (Eg.: Name of the exam, year of the exam, index number, etc.) accurately.
      • Requests with incomplete and invalid and vague applications or receipts and the requests without all the required documents will be cancelled without prior notice. The copies of certificates will not be provided by email.
      • Certificates will be issued only if the official records with respect to the exam results are available at this Department.


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