GCE Advanced Level in Sri Lanka

GCE Advanced Level in Sri Lanka

Overview of Sri Lanka’s GCE Advanced Level School Exam

Sri Lankan school students’ educational journeys are greatly impacted by the GCE Advanced Level exam, also referred to as A-Levels. This page seeks to give a thorough description of the GCE Advanced Level system in Sri Lanka, including information on its advantages, obstacles experienced by students, preparation techniques, and structure.

The value of the GCE Advanced Level Exam

For Sri Lankan students, passing the GCE Advanced Level exam is a significant turning point since it establishes their eligibility for postsecondary study and prospective professional pathways. Achieving success in the A-Levels is essential for students as it provides access to esteemed universities and profitable job paths.

A/L Results 2023(2024) – Doenets.lk Department of Examination, Sri Lanka

Background and History of the GCE Advanced Level Exam in Sri Lanka

In order to give pupils a uniform credential for admission to colleges, the GCE Advanced Level system was first implemented in Sri Lanka during the British colonial era. The exam has changed throughout time to reflect Sri Lanka’s shifting educational environment and to accommodate both student needs and the demands of the global labor market.

Organization Ministry of Education Sri Lanka
Exam Conducted by Department of Examination Sri Lanka
Study duration of  GCE Advanced Level in Sri Lanka 2 Years
Grades Grade 12, Grade 13
Mediums Sinhala, Tamil, English
Student Age Group 17-18
Number of  School Terms 3 Terms in Grade 12, 3 Terms School Grade 13
Qualification to enroll  GCE Advanced Level  GCE O/L Examination Certificate  
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The GCE Advanced Level Examination’s Structure

Students can pursue their academic interests and career objectives with the vast selection of subjects offered by the GCE Advanced Level test in Sri Lanka. The exam usually lasts for a few weeks and includes both written assignments and practical evaluations.

Subjects Streams of  GCE Advanced Level Exam

Stream Subjects to Choose From
Science  Biology, Combined Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture 
Commerce Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, Business Statistics
Technology S  Engineering Technology (ET),  Bio Systems Technology(BT), Science for Technology (SFT), Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
Arts  Christianity, Geography, Dancing, Drama and Theater, History, Logic, Political Science, Art, Media, Sinhala, Buddhist Civilizations, Music
Common  General English, General Information Technology (GIT Exam)

AL Results Release Date 2023 (2024) – www.doenets.lk

GCE Advanced Level Exam Structure

For every subject, there are several papers in the test that address both theoretical and practical aspects. Each paper’s length and format may change based on the subject and requirements of the syllabus. Common type is MCQ paper for  2 hours and written papers for 3 hours/

GCE Advanced Level Exam Grading Method

The GCE Advanced Level test is scored on a range of A to F, where F represents a failing grade and A is the highest grade. The grading scheme considers both the overall exam difficulty and the students’ performance in comparison to their peers.

A Credit Marks Range  100 – 75

B Credit Marks Range  74 -65

C Credit Marks Range  64 – 50

S  Credit Marks Range  49 – 35

F Credit Marks Range  35 – 0

Who Conduct the GCE Advanced Level Exam?

The Department of Examinations of Sri Lanka conducts the GCE Advanced Level Exam, as announced by the Ministry of Education.

What are official sources to validate  GCE Advanced Level Exam results?

Through official website of Department of Examinations of Sri Lanka and Government/private schools receives copy of result sheets by post.

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