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In the fast-paced world of education, the release of examination results is always an eagerly awaited event. For students who appeared in the 2022 O/L (Ordinary Level) exams in 2023, this moment was no different. The 2022 O/L Exam Results have the power to shape the academic and career trajectories of thousands of students. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into every aspect of the 2022 O/L Exam Results, providing insights, information, and answers to your burning questions.

O/L Result 2022 -2023 Release Date and Time

Organization Department of Education, Sri Lanka
Name of the Examination GCE O/L Examination 2022
Duration 29th May 2023 to 8th June 2023
Result Release Date 01 December 2023
Results Status Released
Result Release Official Website 1 www.doenets.lk
Result Release Official Website 2 www.results.exams.gov.lk

Understanding the Significance of O/L Results

The 2022 2023 O/L Exam Results hold immense significance for students, parents, and educational institutions. These results are a reflection of a student’s hard work, dedication, and knowledge gained over the years. They play a pivotal role in determining future educational opportunities and career paths.

How to check GCE Ordinary Level Results Fast?

There are a few ways to check the O/L exam results.

Check online through the Official Websites Online Department of Examinations Sri Lanka

Use www.doenets.lk, www.results.exams.gov.lk enter your index number to check results

Check with mobile phone carrier  SMS service in Sri Lanka

  • Type exam {exam code} {index number} and send to 1919 to obtain results through SMS.
  • Mobitel: EXAMS <index number> and send to 8884 from your Mobile
  • Dialog: EXAMS <index number> and send to 7777 from your Mobile
  • Hutch: EXAMS <index number> and send to 8888 from your Mobile

Check your results using the Department of Examination (DOE) Mobile App

doe mobile app

Check O/L results by contacting department of examinations Sri Lanka

  • Call Official 24 hours Hotline  Number 1911 provided by Department of Examinations Sri Lanka
  • General Contact Numbers (Department of Examination Sri Lanka)+94 11 2786200
    +94 11 2784206
    +94 11 2784204
    +94 11 2784201
  • Fax Numbers (Department of Examination Sri Lanka)+94 11 2785220 (General Fax Number – Examination Department)
    +94 11 2784422 (School Exams Unit – Examination Department)
    +94 11 2784232 (Agency Exams – Department of Exam Sri Lanka)

How to check previous O/L examination results?

To access the results of the 2017 O/L, 2018 O/L, 2019 O/L, 2020 O/L, and 2021 (2022) O/L examinations, you have several options:

  1. Call 1911: You can inquire about the results by calling the hotline number 1911. This is a convenient way to obtain your results over the phone.
  2. Visit the Examination Department Office in Battaramulla: For those who prefer a one-day service, you can visit the Examination Department’s office located in Battaramulla. This option allows you to obtain your results in person and receive assistance if needed.
  3. Online Exam Result Certificate: Another convenient method is to access your results online through the official website, doenets.lk. This platform provides an easy and quick way to view and download your exam result certificate.

Please note that these methods apply to the specified examination years, and it’s essential to follow the instructions provided by the relevant authorities for each option.

Deciphering Your O/L Results Understanding the Grading System

The 2022 O/L Exam Results are typically graded on a scale, with each subject receiving a specific grade. These grades range from A (Excellent) to F (Fail). Here’s a breakdown of what each grade signifies:

  • A: Excellent
  • B: Good
  • C: Satisfactory
  • S: Sufficient
  • F: Fail

Subject Specifics

Results include detailed information about a student’s performance in each subject. You’ll see grades for subjects like Mathematics, Science, Language, and more.

How to check the O/L re-correction results?

First you have to apply for re-correction results online and wait for the department examination to release re-correction results you can check our O/L exam results updates page frequently to stay up-to-date.

Upcoming 2023-2024 O/L exam dates

The imminent commencement of the 2023 (which may possibly extend to 2024) O/L examination looms as a pertinent question. Traditionally, the O/L examination convened in the month of December during past years. Nevertheless, Sri Lanka’s educational landscape bore the brunt of catastrophic events, leading to a substantial disruption. Consequently, the stipulated dates for the grade 5 scholarship examination, O/L examination, and A/L examination were rendered untenable. Yet, the prevailing circumstances are now in a state of gradual amelioration, with the nation’s recovery from the turmoil. Consequently, a significant cohort within the education sector is wholeheartedly dedicated to restoring the educational system to its former glory.

To initiate this restorative journey, it is highly probable that the forthcoming O/L examination for the year ahead will transpire in March 2024. This strategic scheduling facilitates the gradual resumption of all the postponed examinations on their originally designated dates.

Upcoming Grad 5 Scholarship exam dates

The examination department has not yet disclosed a precise date for this event. However, as soon as the particulars become available, an exhaustive update will be featured on our website’s Grad 5 Scholarship Updates section. Hence, we encourage you to remain engaged with our website. Click Grade 5 scholarship result updates to explore further insights regarding the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination.

Impact on the timing of the 2022-2023 O/L exam result release dates

Indeed, it is highly probable that such an outcome will transpire. As indicated thus far, the A/L examination results are slated for release in September 2023. Nevertheless, the likelihood of a delay in publishing the 2022 (2023) O/L results online looms large, primarily due to the examination department’s commitments to the A/L results and potential delays caused by teachers arriving late for the paper assessment process.

2022-2023 O/L exam result FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I check my old exam results online?

To check your old exam results online, you typically need to visit the official website of the examination department or educational institution that conducted the exams. Results are often published on the official website, and you may need to enter your examination details such as your exam index number or identity number to access your results.

What is GCE O level in Sri Lanka?

The General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O Level) is an internationally recognized qualification. In Sri Lanka, the GCE O Level is a significant examination, usually taken by students at the end of their secondary education. The term “OL exam” is often used as an abbreviation for the Ordinary Level examination, referring to the GCE O Level.

What are the main subjects in OL?

English Language
Health/Civic Education

What if I’m not satisfied with my results?

If you believe there has been an error in grading or if you are unsatisfied with your results, you have the option to request a re-evaluation. Be sure to follow the prescribed procedures and deadlines for this process.

How can I access my results?

Results are typically available online. You can access them by visiting the official examination website and entering your examination number and other required details.

What do I do next after receiving my results?

Depending on your results and your career aspirations, you may need to make important decisions about your future education. It’s advisable to seek guidance from teachers, counselors, or career advisors.

Can I appeal if I believe there has been a mistake in my results?

Yes, you can appeal if you believe there has been a mistake or irregularity in your results. Contact the examination authorities for guidance on the appeal process.

How can I improve my results if they are not up to my expectations?

Improving your results requires dedicated effort and a strategic approach to studying. Consider seeking additional help, such as tutoring or study groups, to enhance your understanding of challenging subjects.

Are there scholarships available based on O/L results?

Yes, some educational institutions and organizations offer scholarships to students with outstanding O/L results. Research scholarship opportunities and eligibility criteria.


The 2022 O/L Exam Results represent more than just grades on a paper; they are a reflection of your dedication and determination. Whether you are celebrating your achievements or contemplating your next steps, remember that these results are a stepping stone towards a brighter future.

So, as you navigate this pivotal moment in your educational journey, keep your goals in sight, seek guidance when needed, and remember that success is a journey, not just a destination.

Congratulations to all the students who received their 2022 2023 O/L Exam Results!