www doenets lk 2022 (2023) O/L results


Result of 2022 O/L exam will be available at  in www.doenets.lk website

The department of examination has confirmed the release of O/L results at the end of this week

Log in www.doenets.lk to check your results


Check Results Here

How to Check 2022 O/L Results

  • Login to www.doenets.lk typing in your browser admin bar


  • Click on school exam results section


  • To find O/L exam results
  1. Click select exam drop down menu ex- G.C.E O/L Exam
  2. Click select year ex- 2022
  3. Enter your exam index number correctly ex- 5454xxxx
  4. Resolve captcha and prove that you are a human not a bot
  5. Click submit button
  6. View your results


Once you submit the details your G.C.E O/L results will be displayed, take a screenshot from your phone and save it in your media folder.

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