15 CV Formats

CV is a short term of Curriculum Vitae. Remember, Curriculum Vitae (CV) = Resume (American) This is the most popular standard job application format accepted locally and internationally versus Bio data format.
Download 15 Different CV Formats



  1. General (Common)
  2. Targeted-know your audience
  3. Various formats- Chronological, functional (what you did, not when and where) Combination
  4. Be brief, neat to the point with numbers bullets, simple no spelling mistakes
  5. Communicate critical message
  6. Why should I hire you?
  7. Well organized
  8. Must match skills and abilities to employers needs
  9. Package your resume in an exciting way
  10. Major sections- Heading (personal data), introduction, employment, academic and professional credentials, skills, miscellaneous.
  11. CV should be in the third person- avoid “I”
  12. Be positive, but don’t lie
  13. Shorter the better. Do not exaggerate
  14. Organizations will more focus on your skills and not your educational qualifications
  15. 2-3 pages
  16. PDF format more better than word formats
  17. Attach a scanned signature on CV
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