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The Department of Examinations Sri Lanka’s Significance (

Within Sri Lanka’s educational system, the Department of Examinations is a key player, coordinating the entire range of exams from elementary school to university education.

Exams serve as a gauge of a student’s intelligence and mastery of particular subjects, and the Department of Examination Sri Lanka, also known as, carefully oversees the fair and efficient administration of these assessment procedures.

Ministry Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka
Department Department of Examinations Sri Lanka
Head  Commissioner General Of Examinations
Major Exams GCE O/L, Grade 5 Scholarship Exam, GCE A/L, Government Exams
Exam department contact numbers +94 11 2786200, +94 11 2784201 , +94 11 2785202 , +94 11 2784204 , +94 11 2786205 , +94 11 2784206 , +94 11 2784207
Exam department hotline 1911
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What Makes Up Sri Lanka’s Department of Examinations?

The Department of Examinations Sri Lanka is a government department that is in charge of organizing and supervising school and government examinations for a variety of educational levels.

This department is accountable for the accurate and unbiased administration of both the Ordinary Level (O/L) and Advanced Level (A/L) exams.

Students all around the country rely on the Department of Examinations to provide them with the certificates they need to advance in their fields of study and employment.

Why Is Sri Lanka’s Department of Examination Reliable?

The Department of Examinations in Sri Lanka is highly regarded for its steadfast dedication to maintaining the integrity and safety of the examination procedure.

By implementing strict guidelines, the department ensures that all students are treated equally and can demonstrate their skills and expertise without hindrance.

Because of its unwavering commitment to honesty, the Department of Examination has established a distinguished reputation inside Sri Lanka’s educational system.

Department of Examination Location

Department of Examinations Sri Lanka , Pelawatta, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka.

Postal Code 10120

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